Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Rare Birds of North America: Another book to add to my library

Saw this book on amazon.ca this afternoon while being bored (there was a cold wind today to be outside long) Rare Birds of North America by Steve Howell, Ian Lewington, and Will Russell. 

The book comes out in February of 2014, and it covers those species of birds that sometimes receive what you may call an "honorable mention" way in the back of some field guides, those being the vagrant birds.
From what I have viewed of the book so far (you can see quite a few pages on amazon.ca) is actually pretty neat!  The first section talks about the causes and known patterns of vagrant species in North America.  The rest of this 448 page book covers 262 species (some that I have never even heard of!) that originate from three different regions (the Old World, New World tropics, and oceans).  The plates (275 in total) that I have seen so far online look beautiful!  The species accounts themselves includes records of occurrence in North America which I absolutely love!
I guess the only problem with a book that includes records is that once it's published there will be even more records to be added in the future.  All the more reason to keep subscribing to North American Birds!
On a different note, I hope that everyone that reads this blog has a safe and happy holiday season! :D

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