Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Some end of the year tidbits

It looks like we are in for a LOOOONNNNGGG winter!  Until this past weekend it has been a cold one so far, and as we turn over the calendar into January it looks like we are in for a few more cold days as we enter 2014.  Did I mention that winter just started on December 21st? .......ughhh.....

At least we have some descent birds around right now.  Jeremy Hatt called me on Monday with a Snowy Owl on the 8th concession that I might be able to see from my house on the 7th!  I put the car into warp 9 (I was currently driving around the onion fields at that time after work) sped over to find the Snowy on the 8th, and then raced to my house to see it from my property. Whooot!!  That was my #1 yard bird for the winter!  Thanks Jeremy!

Another descent find a few birders have been seeing on and off in our area is Brewer's Blackbird.  One was spotted on the Pelee Christmas Bird count, and a few individuals have been seen since then.  This morning I went for another drive around the onion fields and saw 2 birds in a field along Concession C.   I managed a few poor quality photos, but with a temperature below -10 Celsius along with a bitterly cold wind, I didn't last too long!

Two Brewer's Blackbirds that look like they are not having a good time in the barren field with  freshly fallen snow...and wind...
 Poor quality close up of one of the Brewer's Blackbirds.  Maybe one of my New Year's resolutions should be to save up for a new camera.

Today a long overdue addition to the yard list was added as well with Lapland Longspur, which was in a flock made up of mainly Snow Bunting and a few Horned Larks.

 Lapland Longspur

 Horned Lark along the road side. 
Tomorrow we flip the calendar and begin another new year.  I will probably start the day back in the onion fields to secure Brewer's Blackbird on my 2014 list, along with a long staying Ross's Goose at Jack Miner's Bird Sanctuary.  I don't really do the New Year's resolution thing (or my Birthday...or Christmas if I could)  but if I had one resolution to make it would be to work less and be outdoors more.  Whether birding, butterfly watching, camping, or working out in the garden, just being outside more would be great!!

I wish everyone who reads this blog a prosperous and birdy 2014!  Many people who read this blog have a blog of their own and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading them and look forward to more posts in the new year! :)

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