Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Florida Trip: Day 1 and Day 2

We decided to leave for Florida Thursday evening just so we can pass the first hurdle, the border. It seems that whenever Aaron and I cross into the United States we would have some sort of trouble. This time we actually got through and drove to the Ohio/Kentucky border to spend the night.

The first full day was just driving. Tornado watches were up for Tennessee and Georgia so we got on the road early and just managed to stay ahead of the bad weather. In southern Georgia we made a stop to stretch our legs and we discovered a new lizard we have never seen before, a GREEN ANOLE. Of course we didn't have the camera, but this bright green lizard would be a common sight everwhere in Florida.

Green Anole. Photo by Aaron Balkwill

We got to our Motel 6 in Clearwater, Florida around midnight. Tomorrow we would be exploring Honeymoon Island State Park for shorebirds, terns, waders, and whatever else we would discover.


  1. I have not seen a Green Anole, but I have seen a Brown Anole! A boat arrived from Florida one winter and I found the lizard (dead)aboard it. It probably died from the cold.
    The Brown is not a native of the US and has caused problems with the Green Anole.

  2. Ya I know...the only native lizard we saw was the Green Anole. We had both Brown and the Meditteranean Gecko for the "imports"