Monday, April 20, 2009

FLORIDA! 9 days of driving, birding, kayaking and one scary motel ...

Corkscrew Swamp. Photo by Aaron Balkwill

I haven't posted in a while because I have been busy planning my Florida birding trip, which Aaron and I just got home from on Saturday, and what a trip it was!

9 days total, 4 days driving, which left 5 days of birding in total. The end result was about 150 total species of birds, with 34 lifers that are ABA countable. We drove down the gulf coast, across the Big Cypress Swamp, into the Everglades, and down to Key West and back again. In the following days I will be posting from our different locations we visited, and the birds and other wildlife we saw.

For anyone who attempts a Florida birding trip solo, I found that the ABA guide "A Birder's Guide to Florida" by Bill Pranty was indispensable, for both planning your birding adventure, as well as on the road with exact directions and locations for Florida's most wanted birds.

Though we did have 5 days of birding, it was more like 5 half days. We would get out everyday at the crack of dawn (yup this is how I spend my vacation) and would bird until about 2:00 pm as the temperatures would easily get to almost 30 degrees celcius with bright sun, making us retreat back to either our motel, or shed our gear and go swimming in the ocean when it was nearby.

More updates soon.


  1. Trust me Blake, I'd rather be down there for at least another week.