Saturday, January 14, 2017

Wheatley Provincial Park. January 13th, 2017

With Point Pelee National Park closed until the 23rd of January due to the deer cull, Jeremy Hatt and I decided to check out Wheatley Provincial Park for a change.

Nothing too fancy around.  The lake from this location was wide open and most of the ducks we saw were Common Goldeneye, with around 500 individuals.  The only other waterfowl we saw were Common Merganser.

The only photo from the day was of Jeremy Hatt scanning the open waters of Lake Erie.

Other than that we had many of the regular land birds that you would find at this time of year. In just over 2 and a half hours we tallied 20 species, which I guess isn't too bad for mid January in such a small area covered.  Wish I could say something exciting happened while we were there, as this is a pretty boring blog post. 

eBird List:

One thing I never noticed before in Wheatley Provincial Park is how small the campsites are! There is no privacy whatsoever! Then again this is coming from a backcountry snob where I normally don't even hear my neighbours let alone see them.

After lunch at my house, we began to compile the December sightings for the Point Pelee Birding area.  If anyone has any sightings please feel free to send them to the following email address:

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  1. Wheatley PP can be a neat place to walk in the winter sometimes. I have not been there yet this winter. In May, I always camp at the north edge of Highlands where there is a bit of privacy (and some birds!).