Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Finally got out for some birding this past weekend.  I met up with Jeremy Hatt at Delaurier in Point Pelee National Park. We did a loop south to White Pine picnic area, across to Chinquapin Oak trail, and back north up Anders footpath to Delaurier again. 

The Delaurier parking lot had a few sparrows including Field, Song, Chipping, along with many Dark-eyed Juncos.  Other expected migrants included Brown Thrashers, Brown Creepers, Tree Swallows, Hermit Thrush, a single Barn Swallow, Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers and Golden-crowned Kinglet. A pair of Wilson's Snipe and an American Kestrel was a nice highlight. At the beach we had an Eastern Phoebe. A lot of Golden-crowned Kinglets were feeding on the grass looking for insects. It has been barely above freezing right now so I'm guess they are having a rough go right now. The ice pellets we had didn't help either.

One of many Golden-crowned Kinglets looking for insects on the ground.

Not too much for warblers yet.  We hoped to find Pine Warbler at White Pine, but we only turned up a male singing Yellow-rumped Warbler, our first migrant warbler for the year.  Chinquapin Oak Trail had easily over 10 Fox Sparrows with a few singing.  A singing White-throated Sparrow was a nice highlight as well.  One bird I thought we would for sure see was Blue-grey Gnatcatcher!  I'm sure anytime now someone will see them.

After lunch at the "The Big Red Bus" (which is actually called Birdie's Perch) we quickly drove to Hillman Marsh. Pectoral Sandpiper, Dunlin, and both Yellowlegs were present.  We also had a Black-bellied Plover which we later found out was close to being record early.  A pair of Forster's Terns was also a nice highlight.  The shorebird cell had the regular waterfowl.

Monday was the first day we had gorgeous weather that neared 20 degrees celcius with a south wind.  Jeremy and I decided to walk the whole Hillman Marsh trail after work. We had our first Mourning Cloak for the year, along with our FOY Marsh Wren, Painted Turtle, Blanding's Turtle, Midland Painted Turtle, Spring Peepers and Leopard Frog. Yay spring!

"What are YOU looking at?"

I'm hoping something super rare will show up in the next couple of weeks. Green-tailed Towhee would be great!


  1. Lots of kinglets were on the ground Sunday feeding. We even found a couple of dead ones! The storm was tough on some birds.

  2. You and I will find the big rarity this year. Something new for Pelee ;)