Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunny Sunday Birding

Today was another southerly wind kinda day, so Jeremy and myself began our morning at the tip of Point Pelee to watch for Jaegers, seabirds, ducks, gulls, and of course, Cave Swallows!

There was a nice group of us this morning gathered down at the tip, seven in total in fact, with Brandon Holden, Blake Mann, Josh Vandermeulen, Kevin McLaughlin and Alan Wormington.

It was sunny this morning, so unlike yesterday's overcast skies, it was a little more of a challenge to see details, but we still had a fairly productive morning.

A lot of American Goldfinches flew up and down the peninsula I don't know how many times.  Blake even had a Common Redpoll in the group, but I didn't see it.  Once again White-winged Scoter was the most numerous of the scoters.

The highlight of the morning was seeing a Black-legged Kittiwake fly down the west side of the tip, which was a year bird for me.  Another year bird was young Northern Goshawk.  We even had a Merlin and a couple of Peregrine Falcons as well that morning.

The only shorebird at the Tip today was Sanderling, and yet again no Cave Swallows.  We are supposed to get a cold front coming in Monday, so Tuesday seems to be the day to try to get Cave Swallow, and hopefully some other goodies as well will show up for those who will be down there Tuesday morning......I myself won't be one of them...

The Tip of Point Pelee which is now a sand spit and an island.  Photo by Marianne Reid-Balkwill

Not much for land birds in Pelee when we went to check out Sparrow Field before lunch. Though we did have a Garter Snake.

Besides Mute Swans, a Killdeer, and distant Dunlin, there was not much at Hillman Marsh which right now has excellent shorebird habitat!  We heard Spring Peepers as well.

Later in the day, Jeremy and I went to Wheatley Harbour and saw.....Josh, and later, Brandon....Yup that's it!

At the end of the day Jeremy and I went to Two Creeks Conservation Area and saw an Eastern Phoebe.  I actually rarely go to Two Creeks and every time I go I realize, except for the constant sound of traffic, what a nice little spot it is.

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