Monday, January 30, 2012

Saturday Redpoll Run

Had some views of Redpolls earlier last week up in a birch tree along Concession E. I really only had enough time to count them as "redpolls" before they flocked off. A couple of days later, rumour reached me that there may be possible Hoary Redpolls around.

On Saturday, Aaron and I checked out a weedy field near the entrance to Marentette Beach and there were redpolls feeding on weeds about 80 feet away from the truck. The birds were really jumpy with flighty Tree Sparrows, due to a Harrier constantly cruising. I did see one bird that seems to be a female exilipes Hoary with light streaking along the sides, no undertail markings and a smaller bill. After quickly looking with the scope I grabbed the camera to get a few photos right before the birds took off. They later returned, and I managed another photo before they took flight yet again. These are probably the worse photos I have ever taken. I will have to go back on my day off tomorrow, and try to get a better look for positive ID.

The world's worst photos of a possible exilipes Hoary Redpoll near Marentette Beach. Photo by Marianne Reid-Balkwill


  1. Looks extremely good for Hoary to me. Very nice bird! (I think the pics are better than you're giving them credit for)! :)


  2. Thanks Brandon. I just wish the conditions were better for viewing these little guys. I forgot to mention about the snow that was blowing, though you can see the snow in the figured, if anything else, I better get a few photos to take home with me.

  3. Hi Marianne,
    I thought I just saw you on TV and so I wanted to stop in and say Hi. I grew up in Leamington on Hwy. 3, driving to the Point every weekend. Love reading your blog!