Monday, April 26, 2010

Welcome to the new

I decided it was time to give my blog a major overall, so here is the finished product. I like the layout better, and as well I changed the address from "" to "". I probably should have done this in the first place, but my hope was to make a website one day called "". Unfortunetly, I find that the time it takes to learn how to make a website and then having content that people would actually find interesting would take up too much of my time. Hopefully this will do for both a blog and a website. This blog is going to contain the same things as my last blog, documenting what I see in the outdoors, along with my adventures camping with Aaron. As well, I would like to introduce some new features, but that will all come in time....hopefully soon.
Let me know what you think so far of the new look, and if you are still following the old blog, that one will soon be deleted, so please add this new blog if you would like.


1 comment:

  1. Nice, refreshing change! I like the look and will look forward to checking in from time to time.