Monday, December 28, 2009

2010: THE BIG YEAR !!!!

I had a nice visit with Jeremy today, who is home for the holidays. It was really snowing and blowing outside so we just sat at Lakeside Bakery and talked of birds, genetics, 9 types of Red Crossbills, and some of our exciting adventures we have shared throughout the years. Outside the window we saw a delightful surprise, a Northern Mockingbird was staring (almost envious) at us while it was being hit by snow and wind. Not a bad bird to see around here in the winter.

Next year I was thinking about doing another big birding trip, like Texas, or pick up some more Florida species I dipped out on (White-crowned Pigeon, Mangrove Cuckoo, Roseate Tern to name a few), but since we are doing some upgrades to the house that could easily appear on "This Old House", we decided to keep our traveling more local.....well Ontario at least.

So what birding adventures could I have here?

After a little bit of debating, I decided to do a BIG YEAR for the Pelee Birding Circle.

The current record of a big year in Point Pelee is 292 species in 2005. This record is held by local birding expert, Alan Wormington. By all means I will not break this record, but I guess it gives me something to strive for. I suppose the main reason why I am doing a Big Year is to have the same excitement birding as I did in my recent trips to Florida and the East Coast. It is like being on a quest to see so many species in the little amount of time you have to visit, except this visit is near my home and lasts for 12 months.

Should be fun!!


  1. Great conversation we had about genetics. It's rare that I get to sit down with a friend and discuss evolution, Punnet Squares, sex-linked traits, and Red Crossbill types.

    The Northern Mockingbird just made the morning :) Thanks again for The Singing Life of Birds. After sifting through it, it's looking like it's going to be a really good read.

    As for the big year, the only thing I wish was that we could have a friendly competition in the Pelee Birding Circle! Instead, I'll just be as much help as I possibly can from Toronto...and at home during spring ;{D

  2. Happy Holidays!
    Have fun in the New Year checking off all of those birds.

  3. Interesting new photo! Reminds me of last year's Wallaceburg CBC!
    (i.e. fog).