Monday, January 5, 2009

Pelee Chickadee's New Year Resolutions

Ahhhh, the lazy winter months....When we just want to hibernate until spring......WAKE UP!!

Well here I am, in 2009. What better motive for making some New Years resolutions than now at the beginning of a new year right?...meh, why not?

After owning a house and getting settled into a full time job for the past 2 years, I think I can relax a bit and get back to doing the things I love the most, that is birding and the outdoors.
Here are some of my New Years Resolutions:

-Oh man, do I get this one a lot, and not just in my own thoughts but from others as well. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am happiest when I am in my element of birding. When I haven't been out in over two weeks I can get So my resolution is to get out at least once a week, and not just for a morning here, or a few hours there, all day!

-I have been broadening my horizons for the past few years with butterflies, moths, trees, wildflowers, and just the outdoors in general. I would really like to start an insect collection this year. So far I just got the literature to help me along the way. As the long days of winter progress, I'm going to research into supplies, some of these I'm sure I can make myself.

-Right now the only thing I am doing is being a member of the Point Pelee Advisory Committee of Local Citizens. I haven't done a CBC in a few years or the local butterfly count. I even had to cancel my Ontario Field Ornithologists field trip in 2008. "Get your priorities straight!" should be number #3 instead.

Number #4 : CANOE MORE
-In 2008, I only took the canoe out once...This is just

-If a certain someone is reading this right now, he knows that I am the worst for keeping lists. And I don't mean just year lists, or trip lists, but DAY LISTS!

There we go. Only five, but a good set of resolutions to get myself going.


  1. I like #1! I get cranky in less than a week, though, if I don't get out!

  2. I hope you are following through on resolution number One!!

  3. I'll hold you to your resolutions!!!!! From Sister Number 1

  4. Well, a certain someone KNOWS that you have to keep that list resolution up!! LOL

    Day lists are one of the most fun lists you can have I think. I've stopped year lists now but I keep day lists almost every time I go out :) They're really fun to look back on.

    I, too, need to make a resolution of going out birding more. I'm ready this spring to enter High Park more than once a week during spring now that I have my Toronto life under control. Of course, I'll also be taking off 2 weeks in May for Pelee!!! WOoooooooOOOooooo :D