Tuesday, August 5, 2008

East Coast Trip, June 2008: A Summary

Heading back to mainland New Brunswick on the ferry in the fog ended my last chance to see Greater Shearwater. That was okay. It was actually kinda nice to get back to mainland Canada.

Altogether on our two week trip to the East Coast I got 11 Lifers:
Northern Gannet, Sooty Shearwater, Arctic Tern, Black Guillemot, Great Cormorant, Black-legged Kittiwake, Boreal Chickadee, Black-backed Woodpecker, Atlantic Puffin, Common Murre and Wilson's Storm-Petrel.

4 Life Mammals:
Minke Whale (probably), Gray Seal, Harbour Seal and Snowshoe Hare

1 Life Butterfly:
Canadian Tiger Swallowtail

We also got many species of wildflowers including Bunchberry, Lupins, and Lady's Slipper.

Coming back home though was nice. Discoverying new species for the lifelist is always fun, but it was time to get back. Though we don't have Atlantic Puffins and Sooty Shearwaters here in the pelee area, we soon would get in our canoe and rediscover our own regular birds here in pelee, starting with migrating shorebirds in July. I can't wait!

Watching for shearwaters, alcids and gulls while crossing the Bay of Fundy from mainland New Brunswick to Grand Manan. Photo by Aaron Balkwill

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  1. A fabulous trip which I enjoyed reading about!
    Sorry we cannot connect next week, but Adam and I plan on having fun!